Development Status

The table below outlines the high-level features scoped for the next major-version release our digital assets management application. This is updated on a weekly basis.

Version 1 Footprint Me Browser Extension

FeaturePriorityActive% Complete
Add categories for websites.CoreNo0%
Get Font to show correctly for everyone.HighYes100%
Make links clickable in the table and summary pages.HighYes100%
Add a search bar to filter list of websites.LowNo0%
Enable bulk change options in the list (tick boxes for each list item).LowNo0%
Improved presentation of username list on the status page.MediumNo0%
Improve data structures for storing lists.MediumNo10%
Only prompt to save website if sign in fields are detected.HighNo100%
Ability to create a list of websites that are excluded from prompting.HighYes100%
Improve cosmetics and make more intuitive.MediumYes100%
Ability to install extension and start tracking your digital footprint.CoreYes100%
Checks URL automatically and asks to save website in digital footprint.CoreYes100%
Allows the user to access their digital footprint list.CoreYes100%
The list will be stored locally.CoreYes100%
Ability for the web extension to detect if the page has been added already.HighYes100%

Version 1 Arrivederci Me Web App

FeaturePriorityActive% Complete
Stay tuned for version 1 early 2021! The Arrivederci Me web application will allow you to manage your online digital estates, for example, different types of insurance, email/social media accounts, pensions and more. You will also be able to view and book in with partner solicitors to create or update your legal Will!.........

Future Release Features

Integrate with web app to automatically sync.Chrome Web ExtensionCore
Google maps for partner solicitor office locations to visit.Web AppCore
Integration with Chrome Web Extension to enable sync.Web AppCore
Ability to sign up/sign in to the web app.Web AppCore
A user Dashboard page.Web AppCore
Financials page.Web AppCore
Legals page.Web AppCore
After I'm gone page.Web AppCore
Trustees page.Web AppCore
Settings page.Web AppCore
Help page.Web AppCore
Ability for solicitor partner to login and manage their customer.Web AppCore
Email verification.Web AppCore