The Arrivederci Me vision

Your digital legacy is important, and we’d like to help you preserve it long after you’re gone.

A large proportion of adults don’t have Wills.

We understand this is a difficult subject, and our tools provide you with a convenient way to ease yourself into this process.

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How can we help you?

Our online tools empower you to take control of your digital afterlife.

Record and manage your online digital footprint.


Safely reference your important documentation and accounts.


Securely store your smart device PIN or password(s) to maintain access to your devices.


We can refer you to a local solicitor to formalise your details in a will.

About us

Arrivederci Me is developing tools that aim to simplify the management of your digital footprint to enable your family to easily identify your assets when you pass. You can either update records automatically or just log in to add details as and when you need to.

We are a company developed at Falmouth University’s Launchpad program, working with external Legal Professionals to help you ease the burden on your families when dealing with your estate. 

While we hope your family won’t need our tools for a long time, you can rest assured that when they are needed, they will make this process less demanding.

Arrivederci Me About Us

What can we do for you?

Arrivederci Me provides you with a set of tools to manage your digital afterlife and more.

Arrivederci Me Web Application

  • Sign up and use for free
  • Manage your online digital estates
  • Start planning your digital afterlife
  • Locate your local Arrivederci Me partner solicitor

Footprint Me Extension

  • Install our free Google Chrome Extension
  • Begin storing the websites you visit
  • Easy to setup and use


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